Getting there is 1/2 the fun…

Some folks say showing up is 1/2 the battle – and I guess that would apply at times. For us, as Creative Woodworking grows, getting there is 1/2 the battle, but getting there is also 1/2 the fun. Our most recent road trip and 1st delivery to Grand Isle Art Works brought us to upper Lake Champlain. Little did we know how stunning this area (and the lake) is!!lake-champlain

Driving into South Hero, we were not at all prepared…the lake gets closer and closer and closer until all there is – is the road. Lake Champlain, so big on both sides, it’s breath taking.


Historic Lake Islands


May We Never Forget


Ellen and Jim – Artists and Owners of Grand Isle Art Works


Delaney and Natalee, ready to head in and check out the Gallery.

Ellen and Jim provide a gallery that is filled with high quality, hand crafted pieces from Vermont artists and artisans. All work is juried in and we are very excited that they have accepted our woodworking!!


259 US Route 2 – Grand Isle, Vermont

Oh, and they have a cafe – Zach’s Cafe – where art, good food, and friends can meet up!!

grand-isle-art-works-sandy-buddy-sign-2 (3)

Bud and Sandy are Creative Woodworking!!


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