2020 started strong…

We welcomed an excavator to our Creative Woodworking Family!

After an uneventful drive to Enfield, NH, we stopped into Townline Equipment in Plainfield, NH before heading home.


Then – Covid-19.

Buddy and I both continued to work, but so many folks were not able too. So, a scary time for many. The virus itself and the paychecks not coming in, we are both very lucky. Construction considered essential, with restrictions and my job turned into some work at home days. Other than that, not much changed for us.


Taking down trees and leveling out the property here and there became the Spring into Summer project. (After the chicken coop, of course).

So much more sunshine, this is going to be amazing.

AND once we are able to invest in a trailer, we will offer Excavation Services!

Events Cancelled

With events cancelled, galleries and selling direct becomes more of a focus, which we prefer anyway. Did you know that you still can’t list local delivery and/or pick up on Etsy? Bummer.

We are working on a shop direct page, if you are interested please check it out. More options will be added!

What will the 2nd 1/2 of 2020 bring?

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