An Apple a Day

apples-rustic-cherry-cutting-board (2)

Rustic Cherry Small Square Cutting Board

I’m not so sure about the “an apple a day” thing, but I can tell you that late summer and early fall is all about the apple around here. Apple picking, apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider, what did I miss?

Cutting Board and Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp with Caramel by ZEAL

Did I mention that our neighbor is a CHEF? Check out Zeal – Alissa Hebert – she can’t get enough of baking, just ask her!

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Creative Woodworking – Our 1st Video


Big Green

One year ago, this video was made for us by Steve at Third Generation Design. Time flies! We met Steve at the 1st Annual Car Show by the Frazer Insurance Agency.  This Saturday happens to be their 2nd Annual Car Show!


GT 310

Come see the trucks, come see the cars and come see us!!


Creative Woodworking

One Year Later – Cutting Boards

From our very first craft fair last year, back to the one that started it all.

The 1st annual Legion Holiday Craft Fair in our pretty little town.

1st Craft Fair – Table Layout

1st Display at The Ascutney Market

Many adventures along the way, all fun and learning experiences.

Our 1st Beyond the Unicorn Holiday Craft Fair

This year at the Beyond the Unicorn Craft Fair we’ll have a few more design options, more table staging ideas and we’ll also be in the GYM…..Woo Hoo!!

Jury Meeting at The Vermont Hand Crafters – Fingers crossed!
We are IN!!

Gearing up for the Springtime when the Farmer’s Markets begin – we joined a few and again, learned a lot.  1st of all, you have to pay to get a spot in any of the fairs and/or markets. So, you need to decide which ones are a good fit and which ones to try again – or not.

Quechee, Vermont

Springfield, Vermont
Windsor, Vermont Farmer’s Market
Barnard, Vermont
Apple Pie Festival – Newport, NH
Autumn Moon Festival –  Windsor, VT
1st Annual Village at Cedar Hill – Holiday Craft Fair and Silent Auction
2nd Annual Holiday Craft Fair

Back to the craft fair that started it all. Will we be at the 3rd Annual Legion Auxiliary Holiday Craft Fair? Absolutely!!

Happy with our 1st Anniversary – Thank you friends for your advice, support and suggestions. You all gave us the confidence we needed. Cheers to the cutting board!!