Goodbye 2016

Merry – Happy and all of that, what a year this has been! It went too fast in our opinion.

As a business, we continue to learn as we go. Creative Woodworking grew to 8 gallery affiliates this year but 2 are closing, so we are down to 6. That’s okay.

Bud and I also still have our full time day jobs, and that’s okay too. van de Ven Construction and Mt. Ascutney Hospital is where you can find us during the week.

Brick Wall Cutting Board

Our 1st Brick Wall Cutting Board

We added new designs including this brick pattern cutting board, which received a very positive response.

Craft Fair Table

Craft Fair Table

Starting to plan events for next year and maybe get our gallery count back up to 8? We shall see…


Merry Christmas Selfie

Happy Holidays and Cheers to a wonderful 2017.

An Apple a Day

apples-rustic-cherry-cutting-board (2)

Rustic Cherry Small Square Cutting Board

I’m not so sure about the “an apple a day” thing, but I can tell you that late summer and early fall is all about the apple around here. Apple picking, apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider, what did I miss?

Cutting Board and Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp with Caramel by ZEAL

Did I mention that our neighbor is a CHEF? Check out Zeal – Alissa Hebert – she can’t get enough of baking, just ask her!

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