Where’s Sandy?


Sandy in Cherry – Maple with Putney Wine, What could go wrong?


Sandy in Walnut – Maple Skinny

This design, I (Sandy), can’t really take credit for as we had a similar Kitchen-aid….It’s an almost copy!

See what I mean?


Sandy in Sapele – Maple Equal and Maple – Walnut Skinny


Sandy in Mahogany – Maple


How cool is bamboo?


Sandy in Walnut

Bamboo is pretty cool, but Walnut is cooler – according to Sandy.


Let’s Accessorize

Starting with the Preston!

The Preston

The Preston cutting board, shown in maple – walnut. 16″ x 22″ x 1 1/8″ radius corners and drip edge all around. Purchased as a gift for a client by our friend Jeremy Parcels from SW Kitchens in Florida. Happy clients are what it’s all about, and these folks were very happy. Happy with their new kitchen of course and their gift made it into the photo shoot!  How cool is that?

Interested in a Preston for yourself or a gift?  You know who to call and I don’t mean maybe! Here are a few more wood choices to consider.

The Preston in Walnut

The Preston in Walnut

The Preston in Reclaimed White Oak

The Preston in Reclaimed White Oak

The Preston in Red Birch

The Preston in Red Birch

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