Which Wood | Spalted Maple

What do you do when you notice some spalted maple in your fire wood? Stop splitting immediately (of course) and put all of it aside. That’s what happened to us and just look at what we have been able to make so far.


Spalted Maple Wine Holder

spalted maple heart cutting board

Spalted Maple & Walnut Heart Cutting Board

spalted maple live edge serving tray

Live Edge Serving Tray |  Spalted Maple

Did you know? Spalted Maple is not a wood type, but a general description of  any type of maple wood that has started to decay or rot. Crazy right? Continue reading

Which Wood – Maple

Hard Maple

Did you know that the maple wood species are classified as hard or soft? However, the softer maples are still considered a hardwood – did that make sense? The softer option can almost always be a substitute for the hard or rock maple. So why do they differentiate?

Janka Hardness of Maple

  • Hard Maple – Acer Saccharum
    • AKA – Rock Maple or Sugar Maple, (yes, the Vermont State Tree)!!
  • Maple – Softer Maple?
    • Bigleaf
    • Box Elder
    • Red
    • Silver
    • Striped

Small Maple Cheese Board

The maple we receive is typically leftovers from a cabinet shop – quite a mixed variety, which is fine for cutting boards – cheese boards – cribbage boards, serving trays, etc.

Cabinet makers and furniture makers will usually offer maple, it’s a great option, although be careful when staining. Applying a stain to any hardwood, even with the softer maples can create a blotchy result. Wood toner is a good idea – trust me  – and ask for a sample.

Why isn’t Flame Maple in the above maple choices? Because the flame is grain character based on how the tree grows, not a wood species. Get it?

  • Flame Maple – Tiger Maple
    • AKA –  Flamed, Curly, Ripple, Fiddleback or Tiger Stripecropped-default-ehow-images-a04-ol-hp-what-tiger-maple-800x8001.jpg

As a fan of wood grain in general, maple doesn’t excite – Unless it’s it’s TIGER or Curly!! This curly – tiger flooring by Hull Forest Products would work for me – totally. It’s so pretty with just enough character, in my opinion.


Although, if the above was my flooring choice (maple is a wonderful flooring choice – hard wood remember), I wouldn’t want curly maple furniture in the same room – what about you?

Maple is also great for creating contrast, as my husband, the artisan who can’t keep it simple knows and these designs have been very popular.

Maple (with sap wood) and Walnut End Grain Cutting Board

Maple (with sap wood) and Walnut End Grain Cutting Board


Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?

Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?

Treadmill Desk

This desk is designed for Sandy’s (that’s me) treadmill, which is old and bulky. Newer designs are much more open and friendly – keep in mind – special orders are welcome.


photo found at http://www.wemed1.com

1st thing we needed to do was decide the best height.  Comfortable for working while walking and/or standing. For those of you who don’t know, Sandy (remember, that’s me) I’m at my computer a lot. Between the scheduling job, the blogging and social media projects, there is way too much sitting.  This is going to be a big help – we think. The past 3 weeks have been a warm up and I really like it.

treadmill-desk-deciding-height-3Temporarily, we set up a mock up with plywood and after a while, added a nice piece of cherry. Done. 38″ from the standing surface to the top of the desk is what has been decided.

treadmill-desk-deciding-height-4Maple and sapele are the wood species, anyone care to guess why 2 woods were chosen? I can’t quite picture how this is going to look, but I know it will be beautiful.

Side note: Do you think we’ll ever finish up the baseboard in this space? Bud’s answer to this is yes, at some point.

Ok, back on topic.

What the heck is this?

What the heck is this?

Above is a pencil scribe that was created due to a very tight space between the treadmill bar bracing and where the desk will sit. You’ll see.

Oh look, is that a dovetail?treadmill-desk-pre-finishSanded and ready for finish. Anyone have an answer why the maple and sapele combo was chosen? Not just one or the other? You’ll see when the finish is applied – the dovetail detail should really stand out.


Hello Dovetail!!

See what I mean? How pretty is this?treadmill-desk-dovetail-sapele-maple (3)

treadmill-desk-dovetail-sapele-maple (2)

treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (3)The notches hug the pieces that extend to the arms…so far seems to hold steady at slow walking speed without additional support.  We’ll see!!

treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (2)The dovetails and arch valance are added to show design detail and the artisan quality that we, Creative Woodworking offer. Great idea hubby, as a butt joint and straight piece would have held up fine, but wouldn’t have been nearly as pretty – in our opinion. Agree? Disagree?

treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (5)Ok, time to get to work and walk for a while.  Thanks for stopping by our blog!!treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (7)