Which Wood – OAK

Oak is known for it’s strength, which reminds me of a line in a movie…

Is your word stronger than oak? Matt Cushman’s isn’t! Ok, enough about that … back on topic.

We see oak chosen quite often in cabinetry and furniture projects.  It’s heavy (visually and literally), great for flooring also.

Oak Wood

Qsawn White Oak

Our cutting board designs have been a hit in oak – which I wasn’t sure about – until I saw the first one.


Our Wendy in Red Oak

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Staging Photos

imageCutting boards that add, but don’t take away and/or compete with the item to be promoted! Here are a few recommendations.imageWhat do you think, the maple and the oak good choices?imageRed Birch also an option? I would say so.  But what do you think about Rustic Cherry?rustic-cherry-cutting-board-setToo much character or just enough? Advice is welcome and thank you for stopping by!