Treadmill Desk

This desk is designed for Sandy’s (that’s me) treadmill, which is old and bulky. Newer designs are much more open and friendly – keep in mind – special orders are welcome.


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1st thing we needed to do was decide the best height.  Comfortable for working while walking and/or standing. For those of you who don’t know, Sandy (remember, that’s me) I’m at my computer a lot. Between the scheduling job, the blogging and social media projects, there is way too much sitting.  This is going to be a big help – we think. The past 3 weeks have been a warm up and I really like it.

treadmill-desk-deciding-height-3Temporarily, we set up a mock up with plywood and after a while, added a nice piece of cherry. Done. 38″ from the standing surface to the top of the desk is what has been decided.

treadmill-desk-deciding-height-4Maple and sapele are the wood species, anyone care to guess why 2 woods were chosen? I can’t quite picture how this is going to look, but I know it will be beautiful.

Side note: Do you think we’ll ever finish up the baseboard in this space? Bud’s answer to this is yes, at some point.

Ok, back on topic.

What the heck is this?

What the heck is this?

Above is a pencil scribe that was created due to a very tight space between the treadmill bar bracing and where the desk will sit. You’ll see.

Oh look, is that a dovetail?treadmill-desk-pre-finishSanded and ready for finish. Anyone have an answer why the maple and sapele combo was chosen? Not just one or the other? You’ll see when the finish is applied – the dovetail detail should really stand out.


Hello Dovetail!!

See what I mean? How pretty is this?treadmill-desk-dovetail-sapele-maple (3)

treadmill-desk-dovetail-sapele-maple (2)

treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (3)The notches hug the pieces that extend to the arms…so far seems to hold steady at slow walking speed without additional support.  We’ll see!!

treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (2)The dovetails and arch valance are added to show design detail and the artisan quality that we, Creative Woodworking offer. Great idea hubby, as a butt joint and straight piece would have held up fine, but wouldn’t have been nearly as pretty – in our opinion. Agree? Disagree?

treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (5)Ok, time to get to work and walk for a while.  Thanks for stopping by our blog!!treadmill-desk-maple-sapele (7)

Which Wood – Mahogany and Sapele

Which Wood Series – Started with Walnut – and lets continue with Mahogany. Including Sapele also, since they are related – but know, they are not the same.mahogany-maple-karly-cutting-board-1

  • Honduran Mahogany – Swietenia macrophylla
    • AKA – Also Known As
      •  Honduras, Geniune, Brazilian, Big-Leaf, and American. Did I miss any?
    • Native to Southern Mexico – Central South America
    • Grain Varies – Straight to Wavy – Stunning Character
    • Color – Pinkish Brown to Reddish Brown Color with Natural Luster
      • See the “luster” in the mahogany pieces above? I call this character “flame”
    • Chosen for furniture, including turned pieces, cabinetry of all kinds (of course), guitars and building boats (who knew)?

We had quite a stash of Mahogany from years gone by – and decided that the contrast for our cutting board designs would be well received, and we were right.  Not a subtle as cherry and not as bold as walnut.

Mahogany - Maple Small Wooden Cutting Board

Mahogany – Maple Small Wooden Cutting Board

  • Sapele – Entandrophragma cylindricum
    • Found in Africa
    • Beautiful Grain Variation – Interlocking to Wavy.
    • Color from Golden to Reddish Brown with Natural Luster.
    • Similar uses as American Mahogany – sometimes offered as a substitute – though I’m not sure why.
Mahogany or Sapele?

Mahogany or Sapele?

Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?

Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?

Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?

Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?

If it’s mahogany, the straighter grain will give it away for me. But if it’s wavy and has flame in it, I can’t tell the difference.

The woodworker, however, will be able to tell the difference.  How you ask?

Sapele is more difficult to work with due to the interlocking grain, your machinery will tell you. And smell it, sapele has an odor – smells like cedar. American Mahogany doesn’t have an odor.


Where’s Sandy?


Sandy in Cherry – Maple with Putney Wine, What could go wrong?


Sandy in Walnut – Maple Skinny

This design, I (Sandy), can’t really take credit for as we had a similar Kitchen-aid….It’s an almost copy!

See what I mean?


Sandy in Sapele – Maple Equal and Maple – Walnut Skinny


Sandy in Mahogany – Maple


How cool is bamboo?


Sandy in Walnut

Bamboo is pretty cool, but Walnut is cooler – according to Sandy.