Front Deck – July Progress

The door to nowhere, gets a deck….July Progress!
Post hole digging, not fun and it was super hot.
Girls always add to the fun.
Shoulder height, perfect.
Time for concrete.
Footing 1 done, 3 more are needed for the main deck.
How many bags of concrete so far? Nevermind.
Footings 1, 2, 3, 4.
Filling in, luckily we had a nice pile of fill waiting for this area.
Off comes the sliding.
Drip edge attached, ready for flashing.
Flashing on, bring on the ledger.
Ledgers are designed with off set blocking, this will keep the water off the house.
Level? I hope?
Tighten up.
 Rock surfing is always appropriate!
 Transit time.
Ledgers need to be in line. 
 Ledgers 1, 2 and
Step down in this area, thank you water spickett…not.
 Posts & plates, now your talking.

 The step down in our siding has always looked strange, not sure how to deal with that, as it will still show at stairs…ideas anyone?

More posts and plates.
 and more joists.
Break time!

Time for joist hangers, this took a while.


Losing shade quickly it seems, the last few pieces will be notched around the posts.

Railing tomorrow :)

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