Where’s the Wine?

Congratulations to Windsor Wine and Spirits for the great turnout at their 1st Beer Tasting! 

In-case you missed it, please join us for a quick recap. Windsor Wine and Spirits is located in the Windsor House in Historic Windsor, Vermont.

Looks like we are in the right place!

Jason Collier from the Craft Beer Guild was our guide in tasting four great new beers.

The first was Mystic Table Beer and it was very nice, light.

Beer Advocate gives this an “86” and describes it as a great table beer, light easy drinking with lots of flavor.

Kentucky Bourbon was next.

We both really liked this one.

Beer Advocate gave an “85” and describes it as smooth, rich, complex and well balanced.

3rd was Imperial Triple IPA and was not for me. But, it was interesting and offers flavors of mango and passion-fruit. Beer Advocate rates “92”.

On to the final offering,

Crabbie’s Ginger Beer is the UK’s best selling ginger beer and is now available in the US. Huffington Post Review recommends serving over ice with a slice of lemon or lime, which we will absolutely try!

This option sold out fast, luckily Rice was taking orders. I’m thinking many orders were placed as the choices sold out!

We did leave with the Kentucky Bourbon, and a recommended beer from the cooler. 

Thank you Rice for another fun experience, more beer tasting in the future, perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Wine?

  1. Thanks Sandra for joining us at the tasting. We indeed did sell out and quite the turn-out for the beer tasting. We will do this again in the future. All of those beers and others you will not see in the grocery store are in stock. Thanks again, Rice, Windsor Wine & Spirits

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