Vermont Hand Crafters

April 17th was an exciting day for us! We had been accepted and invited to the Vermont Hand Crafters jury session. We packed up 8 cutting boards and headed to the queen city. Being newbies, we weren’t sure what to expect and we were a bit nervous.  Hoping it didn’t show, but it may have!

The Burlington Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center

We arrived early enough for a wonderful lunch at Tuckaway’s Pub. Followed by a warm welcoming from the board members, we knew right away that this was a good idea.

All of the artisans, 11 of us, set up our examples of work around the conference table. We were the only woodworker at this session, joined by photographers, painters, jewelry makers and woven fabrics.
Creative Woodworking / Cutting Board Options
To our right:
Ruby Leslie – Woven Scarfs
And to our left:

Jewelry by Judith Giusto

While our items were being looked over and discussed by the Jury members, Elizabeth Boudreau entertained us, literally! Elizabeth is the show directer and explained the processes and answered all of our questions. She also explained that not everyone gets accepted as a member, especially not the first time. Not to be discouraged, take the feedback to heart, accept the constructive criticism and if need be, try again.

Thank you Vermont Hand Crafters, we are IN!! I wish I could have featured everyone at the session, but, all of a sudden it was very busy and I wasn’t able to.  Glad to have met you all and we look forward to being a part of the Vermont Hand Crafters!!

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