Busy Weekend

Saturday 6/14/14 was about helping friends, making connections and of course the cutting boards.  Bud and I needed to split up, so our friends Jessie and Andrew Adams agreed to help us out. Thank you both!!

Buddy and Andrew hit the Quechee Gorge Villiage Artisan’s Market. This was our first opportunity at the Artisan’s Market and all thanks to being a member of the Vermont Hand Crafters.

We reserved a spot on the porch and quickly realized that a banner is needed (we’ll work on that). 
Table staging is fun, between the pineapple, the apples, knife, wine, flowers, candles and granite sample from Shaker Hill Granite. The granite was a last minute idea and I love it. The local folks all say “You know Rob”? 
Of course we know Rob, haha!  All in all a good day in Quechee.  We’ll be back on July 5th, hopefully with a banner and signage. Thank you Randy / Whisper Hill Bath and Body, see you again soon!

Back in Windsor…
The Common – Windsor, Vermont
Jessie and I are ready to go. Tent? No problem. Table set up? Jessie was a great help and added some neat ideas for future layouts…Oh, and we forgot out flower pot…
Alumni Weekend draws quite a crowd and we were invited after Traci Smiley from the Alumni Association saw one of our photos.  Thank you Traci! 
Paddles – Hearts- End Grain Circle – End Grain Dizzy
Re-claimed White Oak – Sandy’s in Maple-Walnut and Bamboo
Putney Wine added nicely to our table! Someone asked if it were for sale….Nope, can’t do that.
Small – Medium- Large Cutting Boards
in Maple-Cherry / Rustic Cherry / Walnut / Oak

I’m sure we will see you again Venders, Crafters and friends on the Windsor Common!

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