Rustic Cherry

Let’s celebrate and appreciate the wood species Cherry. Not just cherry whatever either, we hand select our cherry pieces for rustic character. 

That means sap wood is IN.

Take a look at this Wendy below, can you tell me which picture is the brand new handmade cutting board, and which picture shows some age?

If you said pic 2, you are correct. Cherry naturally ages over time, deepens in color and most will agree, becomes even more beautiful. Who know’s what will speed up the aging process?

Now the pieces that are Cherry – Maple combo’s, the wood is selected for contrast, not character.  Make sense?


See what I mean? Who’s older and or has maybe seen some sunshine??  

How about our Kelly Board, see the difference?

Kelly Aged Rustic Cherry
Brand New Kelly Rustic Cherry

The brand new cherry is quite blond and can have a bit of a pink tone…I’m trying to get them all into the sunshine before offering them for sale. 
Hearts in Rustic Cherry

Sandy in Rustic Cherry

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Wendy – Preston

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