Big Brother – Little Sister

As our cutting board designs evolve and grow, we are realizing what our customers tend to respond too and what wood species sells the fastest. Any guesses?

Rustic Cherry Set – Shown in small and medium sizes.  Though since the Sandy arrived, our smalls aren’t as popular.  It’s medium and large all the way!

 Big brother Preston and little sister Wendy are both tremendous hits.

Small circles are still selling, only because they are so darn cute…the mediums are a more reasonable size.  And, a larger end grain circle is in the works. Stay tuned!

Another big brother – little sister set. The Ryan and the Sandy shown in Walnut – Maple combo. 

Small – Medium – Large, will likely become Medium and Large. Learning as we go is great fun.
Ok, back to the most popular wood species…if you guessed walnut, you are correct!

Thanks for stopping by our blog, comments are welcome.

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