Wrapping it Up

Wrapping it up this year with our last event. The All Saint’s Christmas Bazaar, which was held at St. Peter’s Church in North Walpole, NH. It was a small event, very friendly folks and a good experience.

The All Saint's Parish table was busy all day!

The All Saint’s Parish table was busy all day!

Hearts are a hit!

Hearts are a hit!

1st purchase at the Christmas Bazaar

1st sale means 1st purchase, right?

cookies gift boxes barter

Bartering – always fun!

With the fairs/events over, we can now concentrate on the last few special orders we need to complete.

  1. 14 Hearts – this is our largest order to date and we are super excited about it. All the hearts are glued up – shaped and just need to be finish sanded to be shipped out 12/11.
  2. 6 Hearts  – for local delivery.
  3. Ryan in Cherry and Maple Combo – for local delivery.the-ryan-cutting-board-cherry-maple-6
  4. Jacquie in Maple and Walnut Combo – for local delivery.the-jacquie-sapele-maple-7
  5. Mahogany and Maple Combo Large – for local delivery.Sapele-Maple-Cutting-Board
  6. Cribbage Board, Vermont Shape with a 3rd hand – for local pick up.vermont-cribbage-board-oak-burl-third-hand

Tree is up (on a box to give the height we want) but we still have to decorate it and have more shopping to do before we are ready for the Christmas Holiday. Anyone else a bit behind schedule this year?

tree on box 1 (2)

Tree on Plywood Box

Thanks again, to our friends, near and far, who continue to support our little business. We appreciate you!!

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