Top 5 Cutting Board Designs of 2015

As we enter another year of this Creative Woodworking adventure, let’s take a look back at our top 5 cutting board designs of 2015. Feedback from our supporters, clients, friends and of course sales have determined these designs are big time keepers!

5. Simple RectangleSapele-Maple-Cutting-Board

This design is available in small, medium, large sizes and has proven to be a good choice. Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need to do! We always try to have a few of these on hand, simply pretty and fun in all the wood species.

4. End Grain Squareend-grain-square-maple-walnut-pumpkin

Our end grain designs are stunning (if I do say so myself), the walnut and maple combo creates the most intense contrast, which seems to be preferred. This square has a unique design detail. Do you see it? Bud has “framed” it by cutting the edge pieces in half. All the same size little squares would have been fine, but, this is better. Great idea, everyone loves it.

3. Preston – Wendypreston-cutting-board-radius-maple-walnut

Whether you like the 16″ x 22″ Preston or the smaller 12″ x 16″ Wendy, this design has been wonderful. The radius corners are graceful and the functional drip edge is only on one side. Don’t aways need the drip edge? We hear you, flip it over and continue to chop away – or roll out dough?

2. Ryan – Sandysandy-bamboo-ryan-maple-walnut-cutting-boards-1

Another Big Brother and Little Sister design option here. Radius corners and a notch for ease of handling or possibly hanging for storage. The Sandy and the Ryan cutting board design have proven to be winners.

1. Hearts

Who knew the hearts would be such a hit? end-grain-heart-maple-walnut-green-appleCongratulations to the pretty little heart for being our #1 cutting board design of 2015.

Cheers to the New Year – New Designs – New Products and MORE!

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