That’s A Wrap

The cutting board orders had been shipped and the bartered gifts have been swapped. We were ready for Christmas! Hooray!!Kissing Ball WreathThe snow arrived just in time, can you say White Christmas? What also arrived were below zero temps…ouch!white christmas 12252017 (4)Ashley handles the colder temps better than Zipp, though is usually the first one to come in. Zipp can be sassy, even when shivering!white christmas 12252017 (3)The white stuff sure is pretty…white christmas 12252017 (2)…which is why it’s always fun to take the long way around, just to drive Town Hill Farm Road in Hartland, VT. town farm hill road 12272017 (4)This barn stops traffic, I kid you not, during all seasons!sunnymede farm angus 12272017 (1)The Angus at Sunnymede Farm were very talkative during this visit. I don’t know if they expected treats or what, but they came right over to say hello. No horse sightings, thinking they were still in the barn.sunnymede farm angus 12272017 (2)We did see a couple snowmobiles, it was extremely cold but beautiful, even more so when the sun was shining. town farm hill road 12272017 (5)Icy roads. Enjoying the winter wonderland from the warm truck was working for farm hill road 12272017 (3)The early goal for 2018 is to build up our Etsy Shop. We want YOU to be able to easily shop small with us, whether you are local to us or not.

Creative Woodworking | Etsy ShopSounds like a plan!Sandy and Buddy | Creative Woodworking of WindsorThank you for your support!

Happy New Year!!

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