The next project…I think…

Window Seat with Tall Cabinets Left and Right
The wall sconces will limit the height, hope it all blends together.
Stay tuned!
Design Drawing…2/10/13
Advice needed from our designer friends….the cabinetry will be walnut to coordinate with the entertainment center … thinking about painted interiors on the open shelves + color for the window seat cushion…but what color (s)?

Flooring Weekend / Install DIY

Sample looks good….okay, let’s do it!
Ordered from Monadnock Flooring in Keene, NH mid-December.
It begins 5:50 am Saturday morning 1/7/12.
Rosin paper goes down first.
1st row must be STRAIGHT…
Of course!

1st row IN 8:21am, that took a while…

Time to rock and roll.
9:40 5 rows in…break time, then we have to starting moving stuff around again.
So far so good, where is the next piece?
Got it…here you go.
This is going to be a long weekend :)

6:40pm Saturday night, 26 1/2 rows….we are done for the night, see you tomorrow.

Hello Sunday 1/8/12 and hello new floor :)
We begin 9:10 am and we are about 1/2 done, but today will go slower, cutting around floor outlets and the hearth…we’ll see!

The joints are all over the place, too many small pieces. Lots of character though, which we like.

4:45 we made it to the front of the hearth! At this point, we also resolve that we are going to get this DONE, so I can return the floornailer tomorrow on my way to work :)

We did it!
Goodnight :)