Beyond The Unicorn

Craft Fair # 2, here we come!  Someone (my husband) thought it would be a good idea to see if there were any tables left for the Beyond The Unicorn Craft Fair 12/7/13.  Did you know he is a Springfield Alumni?  He is, that’s another story, back to the craft fair.
We didn’t expect to get in for this year, we were thinking maybe next year. Guess what?  There had just been a cancellation and the planner was trying to find a replacement that wasn’t offering jewelry or felt wool… we are IN. 
Only 2 weeks to get ready…are we nervous….YES.  But away we go, cutting boards all over the place.

Mahogany End Grain and Maple Mahogany End Grain Combo will be making their debut!!


Craft Fair in our Pretty Little Town

American Legion, 4 Court Street, Windsor, VT. Saturday 11/16/13, 9-3. Join us and many more crafter’s, let’s get your holiday shopping started!
As you can see, we have been making cutting boards…and by “we” I mean Bud. I cheer happily from the sideline, take pictures and promote – promote – promote.
Hand crafted to the finest quality, many choices will be available and special orders are welcome.
We look forward to seeing all the other crafts, meeting the crafter’s and having a great day. Be there or be square!  

Knot Burr Puzzle

My newest project, the 3 piece knot burr puzzle. 3 pieces, one maple, one cherry, and one walnut. Carefully sanded and finished with Danish Oil.

Following a pattern (of course) I cut out the pieces needed, glued them up into the 3 shapes. Table saw, radial arm saw and planer were all needed.

Careful sanding is next, and a test fit, just to be sure. Then comes the finish, we chose Watco Danish Oil, other finishes can be applied by request.


These will be made to order, if you are interested in one (or more) let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!