The Day BEFORE the 1st Day of Spring?

So, what did you do today?  Bud put his butt in this pretty white truck and headed to work at Vermont Custom Cabinetry.  Was NOT a fun drive @ 5:30 am, by the way.
Me? Well, I took a look outside and luckily I have the option and equipment to work from home.  So, today, snow day for the girls, work at home day for me.
Owly Images
Owly Images
Which location would you choose for the microwave? And why?
Ok, more snow pics, this is crazy!
What happened to the pool?
 This is pretty….but really?
 Barn cats wanted to come inside, not going to happen.
 Nope, you are very cute, sorry Tigg.

Buddy comes home and gets the snow blower going.  The girls are I did clean the barn (during my lunch break)!!