Leaves are Falling

As the leaves are falling and the sun is shinning, it’s a beautiful day in historic Windsor, VT. The artisan (Buddy) is outside with yard work and the marketing directer,(that would be Sandy) is inside. We each do what we can!

Gearing up for the local holiday craft fairs and having fun staging our tables. Our friend little Autumn Breezes by Charming Tails is helping out.

The character in the walnut wood continues to amaze me. 

Walnut Cheese Board – Small

Each piece as beautiful, if not even more beautiful as the last. Although, the cherry – maple combos continue to please. So much so, we have decided to make both cherry – maple and maple – cherry…can you guess what the difference will be?

Cherry – Maple Cheese Board – Small

Notorious rustic cherry, as it continues to age and deepen in color, a hit in all designs.

Rustic Cherry Cheese Board – Small

Mixed oak gives a heavier grain and adds weight.  Perhaps more masculine? What do you think?

Mixed Oak Cheese Board – Small

Our 1st all maple board, light and simple.  I think it’s too plain, but let’s say you are using it to stage a product – a product with color.  This style might be perfect, as not to take away from your item? 

Maple Cheese Board – Small

Which wood species would you choose for your very own handmade wooden cutting board?  If you could only choose one?

Walnut – Maple Cutting Board – Medium
(Also available in Maple – Walnut)

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