Cedar Hill – Event

The 1st Annual (we hope) Fall Craft Fair and Silent Auction has come and gone. Much planning went into this even and that was evident. We were also very impressed by the quality of each handcrafted offering.  Andrea, was looking for artisans and she found them. As Creative Woodworking we are proud to be invited to the group.

While there, along with meeting many fellow crafters, we learned about the Cedar Hill Community and the types of continuing health care and assisted living options they are able to offer. As the expansion continues, they will be able to offer even more, which is great news for Windsor, VT and our surrounding towns.
Ready to enter, see the Village and meet some vendors?  Let’s go!
The Community Room created a cozy space for Joan Butterfield’s / Anne’s Daughter Designs.
Great colors, do you agree?

Thistle Willow Farm with their handmade artisan soaps not only created a beautiful display with  many options, they get credit for the wonderful scents in this room.

Mike and Stacy Davis

Blu Butterfly Creations offers paper crafts of all sorts, cards, scrapbooks, altered art and more.

This jewelry box caught my eye specifically, very nice Toni!

Blu Butterfly Creations!!

Old Kemp Farm had the these little cuties made from Alpaca fur, how cool is that?

The Knitting Gnome / Nancy (and her husband, who you can’t see, but I know is there) had so many choices. From yarn, fabrics, handmade crafts, buttons, hats, and, of course gnomes!  Check out their website for all the options.

Nancy Rupp

The Knitting Gnome not only sells online, they have a retail store in St. Johnsbury, VT.

Continuing on….the very talented Andrea had her own display, hand crafted designs and originals in acrylic, watercolors and pastels.


Handcrafted Jewelry also – beautifully done!

In the Living Room were even more artisan’s, from handcrafted fabric crafts and bracelets, wooden cutting boards, quilts, table runners and placements, and woven baskets. Gifts all over the place!

Diane Blake Basket Weaver
Quilts! Need Crafter’s Info?? Anyone??
Witch Ornaments, Christmas Ornaments, Hand Blown Glass Pumpkins and more!

 Route 4 Glass, stunning pieces, and check out their website and ETSY shop!

Glenna offers handmade greeting cards, journals and tatted items.

Creative Woodworking, handmade wooden cutting boards, a variety of designs and wood species.

Outside vendors had to deal with Mother Nature and mud due to the construction site. Next year, perhaps out front in the grass, or visitor parking, then folks will need to walk by them in order to enter the building.
Raymond and Cindy West of White River Jct., VT are Raycin Farms!!
Fudge was wonderful!!

The Regenesis Project, the goal is to help hardworking individuals in Haiti develop a better life.  It’s quite something and the handmade projects are stunning.  Please take a look and help if you can.

regenesis project

More crafts, we really had a nice selection of vendors!

Screen Printing, Crafts and Sewing by Shelly Jarvis Artistry, she has an Etsy shop also. 

Cynthia Sheehan shows us “It’s Sew Easy“…Get it? And, she offers much more than bibs, check our her facebook.

And, our last feature. Leeta Felt, the fabrics, the colors and the options, all so pretty.

Love this scarf!!

So, if you didn’t attend the 1st Annual Cedar Hill Fall Craft Fair and Silent Auction, you should have :-) AND, if you see something you like, all featured vendors have links and/or phone numbers, so you can still shop for gifts from them. Artisan Quality Throughout. All hand chosen by Andrea Lapins, Activity Director at The Village at Cedar Hill. Well done Andrea and team!! Well done!!

Making Progress

Progress is good, we are busy and encouraged with how things are happening. Our 1st unofficial business meeting with Todd and Sid of HomeCentrL, Social Media Services, lots of ideas discussed and advice given. 

A walking tour of our pretty and historic little Vermont town started us off and luckily it was a beautiful, sunny and comfortable day. Bob Haight, Windsor’s Downtown Manager was our guide and beyond entertaining.

Windsor has a Welcome Center and it’s a timber frame. How cool is that? From the train station, down main street, historic building one after the other.

Bronze by Larry Nowlan at Constitution Common

Lake Runnemede has quite a story, but today we will just appreciate the beauty and the view. I spy The Juniper Hill Inn…which is for sale, hint – hint.

Flowers still a bloom, we had a nice time and learned so much. Thank you, Town of Windsor. I mean 1/2 a town.

Dinner and a Craft Cider at Harpoon wrapped up our visit. Always a good time!

Harpoon – Windsor, VT

For the time being our Mudroom has turned into our temporary showroom. It’s actually working out well.

Cutting Board pre-orders are coming in and we’ve chosen a few Holiday Craft Fairs, fingers are crossed for continued success.

One of each of these are clamped up, Maple – Walnut and Walnut – Maple. Do you see the difference?

More Hearts and Sandys will be delivered and shipped on Monday! This stack will be glued-up and clamped in no time. Rustic Cherry – Walnut and of course, the combos.

Rustic Cherry – The Sandy – 8 1/2″ x 12″ x 3/4″

Hearts! 10″ x 10″ x 3/4″
And, of course, we can’t keep our hands on the Prestons, which is wonderful news.
I see Oak, Walnut and Rustic Cherry ready to be cut to size, shaped and sanded. Excellent.
Need a few more Walnut – Maple also, the contrast is so strong. Bud, with his creative design eye, hand selects all the wood to achieve the character wanted.
The Preston and The Wendy

Cheers to the Cutting Boards and to our favorite wines from Putney Winery!!

Busy Weekend

Saturday 6/14/14 was about helping friends, making connections and of course the cutting boards.  Bud and I needed to split up, so our friends Jessie and Andrew Adams agreed to help us out. Thank you both!!

Buddy and Andrew hit the Quechee Gorge Villiage Artisan’s Market. This was our first opportunity at the Artisan’s Market and all thanks to being a member of the Vermont Hand Crafters.

We reserved a spot on the porch and quickly realized that a banner is needed (we’ll work on that). 
Table staging is fun, between the pineapple, the apples, knife, wine, flowers, candles and granite sample from Shaker Hill Granite. The granite was a last minute idea and I love it. The local folks all say “You know Rob”? 
Of course we know Rob, haha!  All in all a good day in Quechee.  We’ll be back on July 5th, hopefully with a banner and signage. Thank you Randy / Whisper Hill Bath and Body, see you again soon!

Back in Windsor…
The Common – Windsor, Vermont
Jessie and I are ready to go. Tent? No problem. Table set up? Jessie was a great help and added some neat ideas for future layouts…Oh, and we forgot out flower pot…
Alumni Weekend draws quite a crowd and we were invited after Traci Smiley from the Alumni Association saw one of our photos.  Thank you Traci! 
Paddles – Hearts- End Grain Circle – End Grain Dizzy
Re-claimed White Oak – Sandy’s in Maple-Walnut and Bamboo
Putney Wine added nicely to our table! Someone asked if it were for sale….Nope, can’t do that.
Small – Medium- Large Cutting Boards
in Maple-Cherry / Rustic Cherry / Walnut / Oak

I’m sure we will see you again Venders, Crafters and friends on the Windsor Common!