Window Seat & Bookcases / Progress

I was right, yeah!  Progress shots, here we go.
Window seat cabinet box pieces.
Install furring strips to connect the boxes.
Boxes connected, waiting on the front frame.
Bookcase cabinets get some color….are you ready?
Shelving will be walnut, contrasting nicely, we think.
 Drawer box pieces and panels ready for shaping.
 Stile and Rails and Panels…Oh MY
Shaping, Routing, Sanding (Bud doesn’t enjoy the sanding part).

Door & Drawer Front, PRETTY

How do you know if pieces are warped or twisted?  They won’t lay flat!
Test Fit Complete (no gaps)

Tall Cabinets Connected
Waiting for Front Frame (still needs to be built)

Glued Up Doors

This is getting exciting!

Solid Wood Top (who said anything about plywood) for Window Seat!

Stay tuned!