Do I Need a Building Permit for My Remodel?

Depending upon the extent of your home remodel, you may need a building permit. Don’t worry, any reputable contractor has pulled plenty of permits and likely has fantastic relationships with inspectors as well. 

If you’re adding square footage, for example, your renovation will require a building permit. Major plumbing and electrical work also trigger a permit. And building permits mean that plans need to be submitted and approved by the town. 

“When electrical or plumbing work is to be done, a licensed professional must be added to the permit as well. Permitting offices do this for safety reasons to comply with the state’s department of insurance regulations as well as to calculate taxes.” Divitia Realty

How Much Will Building Permits Cost?

Are you worried about the associated costs for pulling permits? According to Home Advisor, building permit fees can run anywhere from $424 to $2,234. Contact your local zoning department to find out more.

“If you intend to take on a building project or remodel a home, permits are serious requirements upheld by state and local authorities to ensure compliance with building code safety.” Home Advisor

It’s not recommended that the homeowner pull permits, unless they are also acting as the general contractor. You want a reputable contractor to be on record for the construction. Fly-by-night contractors often ask the homeowner to submit plans, but that may indicate a lapse in their license or insurance. Be careful with that. 

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Springtime Shenanigans

  1. Springtime Schedule
    1. Home Care
    2. Vacation
    3. Back to Work

This spring has been exciting so far. We were able to give a couple of home projects attention, actually take a real vacation, not catch COVID and, as scheduled, begin our Trex Deck project in close by Sharon, VT. Cheers to all of this!

Starting a project on time is a top priority, always. Luckily, we have allowed a buffer in-between projects, which in this last case, allowed some at home time.

  1. Feature Wall
  • Firewood

2 years ahead on the firewood is always the goal. Do you burn wood? If so, how do you make sure you have enough?

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Expanding Services

After careful consideration, beginning 9/7/2021, Creative Woodworking of Windsor will become our full time gig. Well, full time for Emery at least! Sandy (that’s me) will continue working at Mt. Ascutney Hospital.

Between the sawmill, excavator, wood chipper, carpentry skills for new construction as well as renovations including cabinet making, we can cover a wide range of projects.

Do you have a project in mind? Maybe something on hold because you can’t get on anyone’s schedule?

(802) 674-4588 | Call, Text or Email

The artisan cutting boards and other gift items that started it all will still be available.

Excellent References Available | Fully Insured