Springtime Shenanigans

  1. Springtime Schedule
    1. Home Care
    2. Vacation
    3. Back to Work

This spring has been exciting so far. We were able to give a couple of home projects attention, actually take a real vacation, not catch COVID and, as scheduled, begin our Trex Deck project in close by Sharon, VT. Cheers to all of this!

Starting a project on time is a top priority, always. Luckily, we have allowed a buffer in-between projects, which in this last case, allowed some at home time.

  1. Feature Wall
  • Firewood

2 years ahead on the firewood is always the goal. Do you burn wood? If so, how do you make sure you have enough?

  1. Bermuda

Spring vacation was a blast. Thank you LuxTravel for coordinating this amazing trip for us. We hope to make a yearly adventure.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

  1. Back to Work
    1. Deck replacement in Sharon, VT started on time and is going well.

In construction especially renovations you need to be flexible, ready to trouble shoot and problem solve. Sometimes the “buffer” between projects is taken up, but that’s okay. At least it was there to begin with.

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