Our 1st Carving!!walnut-cutting-board-t-carving

Though this has been “on the list” to try for some time, we needed a special order to give us the push and it happened.

The font style and size of the T needed to be chosen. Our client picked Merriweather, we recommended the size and away we go!large-cutting-board-with-t

The template for the T took some time and with a few adjustments the carving begins. We did have a backup large board – just in case.

progress-carving-the-T (1)


You really can’t tell the wood is walnut until the finish goes on. Isn’t this pretty?walnut-cutting-board-t-carving-finishingWe made one in rustic cherry also, special order #2 – good thing for us their last name also begins with a T!

We really had fun with the carving and would like to offer more. But – we also realize that the time it takes to create the template (by hand) and the carving (also by hand) may not be cost effective. We’ll see. You know who wants a small CNC machine…

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