Happy 4th – Happy Long Weekend

Happy 4th of July!!

Equine Stylist 4th of July Graphic

Photo Graphic by Equine Stylist

This summer is going by way to fast for us, how about you all? 3 day weekends are always appreciated, which is what this 4th has done for us.  The company that Emery (Bud) works for gave them Friday off for the holiday, so did Mt. Ascutney Hospital. Some companies, I’m sure, chose Monday instead. Did you get a 3 day weekend?

Windsor, Vermont

Windsor, Vermont

Today (Sunday) started off quite nicely – sunshine and blue sky all around. Great for enjoying the pool and getting things done outside.

Girls in Pool

Riding Lawnmower - Fixed

Yesterday Bud worked on the riding lawnmower (which was given to us) – and was very happy to get it running. Whipping around the backyard – big smile. He even worked more on the woodpile!

Wood Pile

The horses just want time on the grass – they don’t care about much else! See what I mean? Ashley can’t eat fast enough – because she knows grass time is limited.Ashley on Grass

Flowers are coming into it, even the ones we started from seeds. So pretty!!Hanging Flower with Butterfly


Barn Cats

Nothing is safe with the barn cats around, they’ll make a bed out of anything.

Creative Woodworking Craft Fair TableGearing up for so many things, it’s hard sometimes to decide what to do next? We need more cribbage boards – fast, at least a handful of the very cute knot burr puzzles and more of all the cutting boards.

I think today, however, will be all about enjoying the sunshine. OH and one hay run…Hay Run

Have a great day everyone and thank you for stopping by our blog. We appreciate you all very much!!

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