Treadmill Desk – Years Later

Years later:

Sandy (that’s me) is still walking while she works, almost every day. Thanks to the Treadmill Desk.

Most recently:

A much needed Microsoft Word course was taken while walking. Next up? EXCEL.


Now that the warmer weather has started to arrive, walking to and from work is happening again (thank you Mt. Ascutney Hospital) and just being outside more in general. The treadmill & the treadmill desk turn into a dusty laundry drop spot, but is always there if needed. Like for that EXCEL course!

Does this kind of pile up happen at your house?

Moving forward:

This treadmill is old, not sure how long they are suppose to last, but I’ll want a replacement when the time comes. And, when that happens, will a new treadmill desk be needed? We will see… Can you imagine the luck if this one could still work? Fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by!

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