Pandemic Post


What a crazy year 2020 was and 2021 continues to be! How are you holding up?


Face masks have become so normal that when I saw someone at Tractor Supply yesterday not wearing one, I’m sure I smirked (behind my mask). The sign on the sandwich board that everyone walks by on the way in clearly states that masks are required. Really? The family group this guy was with, were all wearing masks, even the kids….but not him.

Are you still wearing your mask?

Social Distancing

From the signs and arrows on the floors of businesses and the reminders everywhere, some follow along and some don’t. Price Chopper removed the one way floor signs, not sure if it was time to let that go or they got tired of folks not following the flow?

Are you still conscious of social distancing?


2021 brought us Covid-19 vaccines, which is amazing & hopeful. Hopeful that the vaccine will protect us, getting us to the herd immunity that is needed. Similar to the flu shot, that’s what is being said. Time will tell!

We are receiving our vaccines at the Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Center State Vaccine Clinic. As of writing this post, I have been fully vaccinated and Buddy, Natalee & Delaney have all received their 1st dose of Moderna. So far, minimal side effects for us.

Have you been vaccinated yet?

Travel Restrictions

As travel restrictions become lifted, what is your first big adventure going to be? Buddy and I are planning a visit to Bermuda. Having been to this incredibly beautiful island only once (with my parents, so a LONG time ago) and wanting to go back ever since. Mary Jo Palmer at LuxeLife Travel is coordinating for us and comes highly recommended.

The New Normal

We don’t know what the new normal will be. Do you?

Interlocking Hearts by Creative Woodworking of Windsor, VT.

In our new normal, we hope Creative Woodworking continues to grow. Sawmill work, excavation services along with more woodworking items.

  • Cutting Boards
  • Charcuterie Boards
  • Noodle Boards
  • Chess Boards
  • Live Edge Tables & Serving Trays
  • Special Custom Projects

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