The 1st of Many

The 1st little project being self-employed, all went well!

Out with the old A/C and…

In with the new!

Sealed and Secure

Materials Needed

  • Blocking
  • Trim & Trim Screws
  • Foam Strips
  • Caulking
  • Paper Towels
  • Patience

2 thoughts on “The 1st of Many

  1. To tell the truth, I have always been impressed and admired by the work of woodworkers because, from my point of view, to complete such productions you need to work out all the details and be so prudent in any moment not to make a mistake. For me, in order to create any project woodworkers need not only have special skills and professionalism, but also it is so important for them to be full of inspiration and have a great imagination. This little project seems to be made in an absolutely clever way with providing reliability and safety. Also, I love the way it looks because it is not so cumbersome but neat and harmonic despite the fact that it is not miniature equipment. I think that the key needed material is patience and it needs to be written at the beginning.

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