New Year – New Adventures

2021 sure was many things! A decision-making year for both Emery & Sandy. Jumping into self-employment for Creative Woodworking with a shift for Sandy at Mt. Ascutney Hospital.

Creative Woodworking 2021 | Construction, Renovations & More

  • We began our branding journey with a logo & apparel
  • Invested in a work truck, job trailer & additional equipment
  • Business Phone 802.674.4588
  • Began promoting and scheduling projects
  • Basecamp for project management
  • Excel for tracking everything else

Creative Woodworking has been a side business for us, officially named in 2015. Working on the weekends, evenings, etc., around the regular fulltime jobs. Going to craft fairs and gallery events, to get our name out there. Gearing up for the leap into self-employment was always on the radar. Here we go!

Along with the business venture, we also have a real vacation coming up. BERMUDA, here we come! Being in charge of the schedule is amazing. Long weekend? Sure, schedule it in. Overnight at the ocean? Not a problem. We are blessed.

Thank you

We realize that our supporters, near and far, are the reason we have this opportunity, appreciating each and every one of you!

Best Wishes for 2022 Y’all