Is Your Deck Ready for an Upgrade?

If it is, we just had an amazing experience and would like to share it with you.

Finding a Contractor

  • Clients found us online and sent a request for more information via our website. This worked just like it should! We made an appointment for a jobsite visit to Sharon, VT.

Project Scope

  • Complete renovation of existing deck & railing. The only thing staying the same was the size. Once the estimate was approved, materials were ordered, and start date was chosen.
  • Below you see the current deck situation and the inspiration for the new.

Let’s Get Started

  • Demo
    • Before the demo we accounted for the additional reinforcement needed for this deck. Though it been standing for quite a while, no chances were taken during the upgrade.
    • Lots of blocking.
  • Ready for the Decking
    • Trex Enhance Rocky Harbour was chosen, installed in a herringbone pattern with picture frames.

& That’s a Wrap

Here is the finished project and our clients amazing view. See why they wanted the cable railing?

Shout Out

Emery, picture taken by our client (Thank you!!)

4 thoughts on “Is Your Deck Ready for an Upgrade?

  1. It looks beautiful! We’re thrilled that our grown kids found such a talented building team. Now all the family are excited to come visit.

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