When is a Good Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

A lot of customers ask, “When is a good time for a kitchen remodel?” Of course, that answer depends on a number of factors. Will you be living in the home? Are you frequently entertaining guests? Where do you spend the holidays?

This is why we approach every kitchen remodel as a unique project. With that said, the best time for a kitchen remodel may actually be the spring and summer seasons. The time a remodel takes depends, of course, on the availability of your cabinets, surfaces, and appliance choices as well.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

On average a major kitchen remodel takes 12-20 weeks. Of course, this can vary depending upon your square footage. Cosmetic changes involving fewer subcontractors can be done in 3-5 weeks. How quickly the remodel takes depends upon your tolerance for disruption as well as your self-awareness of your actual budget. Don’t forget, every design change adds time to the project schedule. 

“Kitchen remodels are unique because they require a lot of moving parts and coordination of electricians, plumbers and other subcontractors, some of whom must wait for the work of others to be completed (for example, cabinets before your sink) before they can proceed.” HGTV

Where Will You be Eating (Cooking) During Your Remodel?

If you have a garage, you may want to move your refrigerator in there during the remodel. You can always put your coffee maker in the master bathroom or, if available, at your bar. Spring and summer can be great times to take advantage of cooking and grilling on your patio, so that is something to consider. DoorDash and UberEats as well as sandwiches are fantastic options for mealtime during your kitchen renovation. 

If you have school-age children, they will be home during the summer, so mix up your breakfast and lunch routine. Remember that a kitchen renovation — when planned well — is a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things. This is why we want to finalize fixture, hardware, appliance, flooring, surfaces, and cabinet options — before starting the demo.

What is the Lead Time For Kitchen Appliances? 

If you’ve always wanted restaurant-quality appliances or are looking to replicate a historical heirloom, the lead time on your appliances will affect the project. Since the pandemic, appliance shortages have become the norm. Ideally, these dependencies should be accounted for, ordered, and have confirmed delivery dates first. Then we can reverse engineer the start date. If you’re itching to get the remodeling done, you can always set up a temporary kitchen

Ready to Remodel your Kitchen?

Remodel your kitchen and restore it as the heart of your home. As always, we’re here to help. We’d love to sit down with you and create a solid plan based on your needs and within the restraints of your budget. Let’s schedule a visit today.

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