Groundhog Day

Disclaimer: This post is not about woodworking or groundhogs.

February 2nd is Sandy’s dad’s birthday. Step, actually. Groundhog Day always brings a smile to our faces, doesn’t matter if there are 6 more weeks of winter or not. Leonard was a wonderful soul, and we are all so lucky to have had him in our family.

Leonard Holbrook Brown was born in 1918 to Martin & Clara Brown. He was the baby of the family, 3 boys and 2 girls. Growing up in what is now The White House Inn. They called it Beaver Brook and it is extravagant!

Sandy met “Brownie” when he moved into the area to work at the VA Hospital where he met her mother, Andrea. Andrea agreed to date him as long as he learned to play golf. Luckily, he agreed and the rest is history!

The Wilmington White House (that’s what we call it) has always been a big part of our family. The history, the events and the feeling of just being there. The atmosphere. From family reunions, weekend getaways, to getting married, and celebrating anniversaries.

Changes to the Inn over the years have been made, of course but it feels the same. The bowling alley is no longer in the downstairs, or the indoor pool. Growing up in this home must have been amazing! Currently the pool area is now a conference room and extensive wine cellar.

That hidden staircase is still there, always to fun to see and to show off.

Happy Birthday Brownie! 1918-2002 We miss you every day!

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