A Visit to Sweet Grass Gallery & Gifts

Sweet Grass was our 1st gallery affiliation! Time sure flies. Recently a visit to change out a few pieces and talk with Alyson about what might be good additions.

Sweet Grass Gallery and Gifts

Sweet Grass Gallery & Gifts

Sweet Grass Gallery and Gifts

Sweet Grass Gallery & Gifts

Alyson selects all Vermont made, artwork, crafts, fine woodworking and original prints to fill her gallery and gift shop, including what she creates herself. There is always a wonderful selection! Continue reading

Hello Texas!

Creative Woodworking’s 1st cutting board in the shape of a state is – NOT Vermont?

No, it is not.white oak cutting board texas shape

Why? Well, I’m not sure exactly how this happened, we had planned on making some Vermont Shape Cutting boards, we just hadn’t done it yet. So, we were chatting with a friend from Texas…and that’s how the story goes.

Step 1 – Make the Template

  • What is the overall size? Go from there.

texas-template-small Continue reading

Where’s Sandy?

There she is! 

Three of these oak Sandy’s are spoken for…which one will stay with us and for how long? How would you decide as the grain patterns are all different?

Which would you leave behind? This could be tough, I’ll keep you posted.


Bold wood grain character won out this time and made this decision easy. Nice!


See the little piece with quarter-sawn ray flake? I have to admit the oak grain is growing on me. 
Walnut-Maple Skinny and Maple-Walnut Skinny
 More walnut and walnut combo Sandy’s to come as we stock up for the Beyond the Unicorn Christmas Craft Fair.
See you there?