Hello Texas!

Creative Woodworking’s 1st cutting board in the shape of a state is – NOT Vermont?

No, it is not.white oak cutting board texas shape

Why? Well, I’m not sure exactly how this happened, we had planned on making some Vermont Shape Cutting boards, we just hadn’t done it yet. So, we were chatting with a friend from Texas…and that’s how the story goes.

Step 1 – Make the Template

  • What is the overall size? Go from there.


Step 2 – Wood Selection

  • White Oak was chosen and the wood selection begins.

Step 3 – Plane & Glue Up & Clamp

  • Always plane the selected pieces before the glue up.
    • Do not skip this step.
  • Clamp


Step 4 – More Planing

  • Plane again before shaping.
    • Again…do not skip this step.

Step 5 – Trace and Shape

texas shape cutting board (1)

Step 6 – Sanding

  • Sanding, sanding and sanding!

texas shape cutting board (8)

  • Oh, and more sanding.

texas shape cutting board (7)

Step 7 – Apply Finish

  • Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner
    • At least 3 coats, allow time to absorb.

texas shape cutting board (12)

Voila! After a few staging pictures, this piece was then wrapped up securely and shipped off to it’s new home…(you guessed it) in Texas!

We believe this is the first of many cutting boards we will offer in the shape of states. MAYBE a few Vermont’s on hand, just because. But all other states should be made to order. Clients can then choose the wood type and together we can decide the overall size/scale.

Thanks for stopping by!

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