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TEAM = Estes & Gallup as the GC., Judy Elliot as the Design Consultant and talented subcontractors put this project together. To mention a few: Darren Honey / The Ideal Board, Barre Tile, Vermont Custom Cabinetry.shaker-gray-walnut-top-custom-kitchen-1Custom cabinetry in paint grade, ben moore shaker gray (color-match). Frameless cabinet construction with shaker flat panel and 5 piece drawer fronts. Walnut Top for the island and absolute black (enhanced) for the perimeter. The wide pine flooring is a wonderful contrast and that farm sink? LOVE it.

Floating Shelves…..oh yes.


You know that beautiful kitchens make me smile and this one certainly does.  Cheers!

Frameless or Framed Cabinetry

This post was originally written for HomeCentrl  Frameless or Framed Cabinetry | HomeCentrl. Sharing it here as well, with a few minor changes.  Enjoy!

Frameless or Framed…How do you prefer your cabinet?

Frameless or Face Frame Cabinets

Frameless or Face Frame

 For the longest time, I really thought framed cabinetry was the way to go…and not only that…it had to be inset.  Inset was better, more traditional, more beautiful, more this, more that and typically, more expensive.  Is it better?  I guess that depends on your opinion. And framed overlay?  Why? What’s the point?

Recently, I’ve been exposed to the frameless way of cabinetry and I do see some pros…mainly because you gain some storage space. In my opinion, it’s still a strong cabinet box without the face frame using ¾ plywood. Less going on and great for contemporary designs. Perhaps a bit cheaper, depending on other upgrades.

But, if you love the framed INSET should you pay a little more, if need be to get it? I say yes, it’s your kitchen.

Style, preference and of course budgets do play a role and really should be reasons why you choose one over the other.  All should be discussed with your designer, they can help with these very important decisions.


Framed inset, shown above with an exposed hinge, very traditional. Concealed hinges are available, with soft close. (LOVE the soft close).

Frameless overlay

Frameless overlay,  offering the concealed hinge with soft close by BLUM

Actually, if it’s a quality cabinet in a functional design, I’ll appreciate it, no matter the style.  Put that beautiful kitchen in a timber frame home and I’m sold on all counts.


Thanks for reading!