Happy 4th – Happy Long Weekend

Happy 4th of July!!

Equine Stylist 4th of July Graphic

Photo Graphic by Equine Stylist

This summer is going by way to fast for us, how about you all? 3 day weekends are always appreciated, which is what this 4th has done for us.  The company that Emery (Bud) works for gave them Friday off for the holiday, so did Mt. Ascutney Hospital. Some companies, I’m sure, chose Monday instead. Did you get a 3 day weekend?

Windsor, Vermont

Windsor, Vermont

Today (Sunday) started off quite nicely – sunshine and blue sky all around. Great for enjoying the pool and getting things done outside.

Girls in Pool

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Pretty Little Town

Beautiful kitchens make me smile, that goes without saying. But so does my pretty little town. Enjoy this post that has nothing to do with beautiful kitchens or woodworking!

Welcome to Windsor, Vermont.

Fall Color

Welcome to Paradise Park.

Hello Lake Runnemede!


I see you Mount Ascutney!

Prettiest front yard in Windsor

Prettiest Tree in Windsor

Corner of Hunt & County Road

Horses at home.

Beautiful walk today, down Juniper Hill Road, into Paradise Park, around Lake Runnemede, through town, up State Street and back home.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!