Shopping Local

Do you shop local? Shop small? windsor vermont

As a business, and as inviting as Amazon Prime is, if we can buy supplies from our local Aubuchon Hardware, we absolutely will.

Pretty flowers to stage our table? Sugarbush Florist, here we come. 20171125_152519Same as consumers. Our little town offers a wonderful variety of shopping and service options. Would you like to learn more about some Windsor businesses? CLICK HERE

Flowers and Wine from Windsor Vermont

Windsor Wine & Spirits | Sugarbush Florist

Shopping small doesn’t always mean local, which bring us to our ETSY Shop. Etsy
This holiday season, along with our local sales, we have shipped cutting boards to Michigan, Arizona and most recently Washington D.C.! 20171111_140135
We continue to be thankful for friends, near and far, that support our very small woodworking business.

Thank You and Happy Holidays!

A Visit To Arabella Gallery & Gifts

Arabella Gallery & Gifts is located at 65 Main Street in historic Windsor, VT, and is our closest affiliation! Even before Creative Woodworking was “official” we wondered about gallery connections, combined with events, how it would all work. Dianne and David at Arabella were always helpful and encouraging. Thank you both!

Meet Arabella – Art Gallery and Artisan Created Gifts

arabella-gallery-windsor-vermont-3 Handcrafted Jewelry

  • Dianne offers her own Divella Designs along with other very talented local designers, each with a unique style. arabella-jewelry-designs

Pottery and Glass Works

  • Shown pieces by Lisa Yaffee.pottery-by-lisa-yaffee

Original Artwork

From seasoned artists to new comers. Dianne chooses the best variety so that you have a wonderful selection to browse and enjoy. If you see something you can’t live without, purchase it, right off the wall. Shown here are only 2 of the many many available, from oils, watercolors, pastels to prints, even calligraphy.

  • Cindy Griffithcindy-griffith-sunflowerThis stunning painting has been chosen to be featured in a film written and directed by Theresa Rebeck. Congratulations Cindy! Look for it in Trouble. AND look for the original, available for sale at Arabella Gallery.

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