Top 5 Designs

Our Top 5 Designs of the 2020 Holiday Season

5. Balancing Wine Holder

Emery’s idea of what to make out of the small pieces we are often left with continues to be a hit. These little wine holders are available in our Etsy Shop.

4. Sandy Cutting Board

This smaller cutting board design is a keeper, we’ll definitely keep making these, along with her sister, Sandra.

3. Live Edge Serving Tray

New to us in 2020 are the live edges pieces as we were finally able to work with the #walnutfrompine. The serving trays are lovely and lead into the next item.

2. Live Edge Chacuterie Board

The first request for a Chacuterie Board sent me straight to Google. What the heck is that?

1. Heart Cutting Board

Once again winning the top spot, we’ve sold more hearts than any other item. We love making them and are so happy that you all like them!

Although, we think the live edges pieces, which will include tables, will overtake the cutting boards in 2021.

What are your thoughts?

Hey, thanks for stopping by, we appreciate you!

Which Wood – Cherry

Cherry Wood – from the fabulous Cherry Tree – a favorite for many, but not horses. Toxic to horses, who knew? Okay, back to the beautiful wood.

  • Cherry – Prunus Serotina
    • Black Cherry, American Cherry
      • Considered a hardwood, but towards the softer side of hard…if that makes sense.
      • Native to the Northeast US – yeah!
      • Often the 1st choice for cabinetry, turned pieces, artisan crafts, furniture, flooring, trim work and more.

Small - Medium in Rustic Cherry.

Small – Medium in Rustic Cherry.

Cherry heartwood is light brown when initially cut – but over time it will deepen in color – darken and become even more beautiful.  The sap wood – however – will not change.  The little cutting boards shown above have sap wood included on purpose for rustic character.  Do you see it? Do you like it?

Furniture and cabinetry in cherry wood can be quite stunning – but the cabinetmaker needs to be able to select the wood properly.  Who know’s what I’m talking about?


Hope Chest in Cherry Wood – Natural Finish

This hope chest – shown in cherry natural and when it was just completed – is soooo much darker now – wish I had an updated picture. We favor the natural wood grain, but some stain cherry (walnut too). It’s just a preference thing, don’t judge.

See the bead-board cabinet behind it?  This is not cherry – any guesses?

We have yet to make a live edge piece in cherry, so we would like to feature one by a fellow woodworker – who happens to also be located in Windsor, VT.  What do you think? Is this gorgeous or what? Paul is super talented, we’ve seen his work and are thrilled to find out he is so close.  A meet-up is in order, hint, hint.

Cherry Table by Paul Wilson

Check out this coffee scoop in wild cherry – so unique and fun. Want one? Click on the picture to find out more…

Wild Cherry Scoop by Boot Hill Blades

Wild Cherry Scoop by Boot Hill Blades

What are your thoughts on cherry wood?rustic-cherry-counter-top