The Walnut From Pine Street

Thank you RMP Designs for the gift of your walnut tree. This is where the story begins. #walnutfrompine

As beautiful as walnut trees are, they are also very messy. Robin and Randy had decided it was time to let this tree go. Luckily for us, they thought of Creative Woodworking.


A professional tree guy took the tree down, and Robin shared the pictures with us. Big tree!

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Which Wood – Walnut

The best wood species for your project, depends on the project scope (of course). Today we are discussing walnut for cabinetry, counter tops and accessories.

Bring on the Walnut!

Bring on the Walnut!

  • Walnut
    • Black Walnut – Juglans nigra
      • Native to the Eastern US and Canada – Cool
      • Straight Grain – Nice
      • Sap Wood – FUN
        • Sap wood will add just the right amount of character.  See below for options.





          Which walnut piece has more sap wood?

  • Cabinetry – Walnut – LOVE IT – even counter tops!!

Entertainment Center Cabinets in Walnut

Entertainment Center Cabinets in Walnut

Bookcase and Cabinets in Walnut

Bookcase and Cabinets in Walnut

Our Window Seat in Walnut

Our Window Seat in Walnut


Walnut Island Top by Vermont Custom Cabinetry

  •  Gifts – cutting boards – picture frames and more.

walnut-picture-frame-4This wooden frame is something else – even the back is picture worthy…Do you agree?


Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Keeping it Simple?

Whether you are interested in custom cabinetry, a counter top, a picture frame or a cutting board – we happily recommend walnut wood.


Where’s Sandy?


Sandy in Cherry – Maple with Putney Wine, What could go wrong?


Sandy in Walnut – Maple Skinny

This design, I (Sandy), can’t really take credit for as we had a similar Kitchen-aid….It’s an almost copy!

See what I mean?


Sandy in Sapele – Maple Equal and Maple – Walnut Skinny


Sandy in Mahogany – Maple


How cool is bamboo?


Sandy in Walnut

Bamboo is pretty cool, but Walnut is cooler – according to Sandy.