The Walnut From Pine Street

Thank you RMP Designs for the gift of your walnut tree. This is where the story begins. #walnutfrompine

As beautiful as walnut trees are, they are also very messy. Robin and Randy had decided it was time to let this tree go. Luckily for us, they thought of Creative Woodworking.


A professional tree guy took the tree down, and Robin shared the pictures with us. Big tree!


Once the tree was down and the brush removed, it was our time. Getting the walnut into the truck we knew would be a challenge. Bud built a lift to help and it totally worked. As the larger logs were “lifted” level with the truck bed, Sandy backed up the truck. Voila!

At home, the walnut from pine was off loaded, stacked up on stickers and put to bed for the winter.

After some research, visiting a local saw mill, and deciding that we did not want to move our walnut back and forth, Bud decided we should just buy a mill.

In April of this year, we welcomed a Wood-Mizer LT15 Start to our Creative Woodworking family.

Time to mill some walnut…

Milling only for ourselves at the moment, but down the road, we would like to offer sawmill services. We believe this Wood-Mizer will be an awesome investment for us.

Walnut Slabs

Introducing the 1st of many pieces to be made from The Walnut From Pine Street. Four live edge serving trays finished with Watco Danish Oil and featuring stainless steel handles.

Live Edge Serving Tray

Proudly, we offered the live edge serving trays, along with our other products at the 7th Annual Holiday Craft Fair in Windsor, VT on 11/9/19. Megan had expressed interest early on and we were so happy that she was able to choose between the 4 and become our 1st sale from The Walnut From Pine Street.

Thank you Megan!

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  1. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for sharing the story from tree to product. We have a number of rough edged slabs for shelving and steps. Natural wood is such a wonderful look.


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