Sawmill Saturday

The Move

Our wood-mizer is now out of the drive way and up by the barn, which is closer to it’s ultimate location. Which means, Sawmill Saturday is back!

The Move


Loading the logs is working out just the way we had hoped.


Sawing has also changed. Since adding the trailer, the overall height is much more comfortable. And, when Wood-Mizer tells you 17′ 6″ max with the 1st extension, they aren’t kidding!

Upcoming Projects

Onsite: Woodshed & Sawmill Shelter

Offsite: We will see what time allows.

Thanks for stopping by!


2019 was a quick blur, and is ending on a very happy note. Here are some of the highlights.

  • We bought a WOOD-MIZER

Bought is the wrong word, we financed it. An investment we are very excited about, though our insurance company is not. Correcting that shortly.

Our Wood-Mizer

The Walnut from Pine Street story took a few years to happen, but it did, and we are thrilled. A friend from town (that knew about our woodworking) gave us their walnut tree. Thank you Robin and Randy! Being able to saw the logs ourselves, let them dry and begin making pieces is so much fun. The live edge serving trays are a hit!

Live Edge Serving Tray in Walnut
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The Walnut From Pine Street

Thank you RMP Designs for the gift of your walnut tree. This is where the story begins. #walnutfrompine

As beautiful as walnut trees are, they are also very messy. Robin and Randy had decided it was time to let this tree go. Luckily for us, they thought of Creative Woodworking.


A professional tree guy took the tree down, and Robin shared the pictures with us. Big tree!

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