2019 was a quick blur, and is ending on a very happy note. Here are some of the highlights.

  • We bought a WOOD-MIZER

Bought is the wrong word, we financed it. An investment we are very excited about, though our insurance company is not. Correcting that shortly.

Our Wood-Mizer

The Walnut from Pine Street story took a few years to happen, but it did, and we are thrilled. A friend from town (that knew about our woodworking) gave us their walnut tree. Thank you Robin and Randy! Being able to saw the logs ourselves, let them dry and begin making pieces is so much fun. The live edge serving trays are a hit!

Live Edge Serving Tray in Walnut
  • Horses and Chickens

The horses are happily still with us (old ladies) and the chickens continue to entertain us on a daily basis. Though, no eggs as of late.

Chip | Brown Leghorn
  • Main Street in Windsor Gains 2 Unique and Whimsical Shopping Options
  1. Sisters Weekend Marketplace is a 3 day retail event every month where you’ll find refurbished home decor, vintage finds, artisan creations, treasures & more!
Sisters Weekend Marketplace

2. Main Street Gallery is a Vermont art gallery offering paintings, limited edition prints, photographs, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, calendars, and gifts for all price ranges.

Main Street Gallery
  • Small Business Saturday

Thank you Town of Windsor, Riley White and all involved for supporting Small Business Saturday and allowing us to set up in town for the day. (No Charge). Turn out wasn’t great, but the opportunity was and we totally appreciated it!

  • Craft Fairs

4 Craft Fairs for us this year. Windsor Rec Center in Windsor, VT. Reading Holiday Craft Fair in Reading, VT. Artisan Craft Sale in Norwich, VT and the MAHHC Employee Craft Fair. The plan for next year will be the same line up, we think.

  • New Product Ideas
  1. Noodle Boards (I had to google this, how about you)?
  2. Live Edge Coffee Table
  3. River Table
  4. ?
Emery and Sandy
  • Happy Anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary at the Wilmington White House (that’s what we call it) and it was amazing!

Healthy and happy and making progress, it doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you friends and clients, we appreciate your support.

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