Entertaining isn’t easy for us, we are the first to admit it. The house isn’t in the best of shape, we don’t even have a working dining room table at the moment (it’s the extremely messy desk). Cutting boards and more all over the place, laundry not folded and put away – you get the idea?

But, what we do have is a very pretty island (luckily) so, come on over for dinner and drinks!

Red Birch Island Cabinet

Red Birch Island Cabinet with Colonial Gold Granite

Anyone who knows Emery (Buddy) well, knows that in his family – September is the month for birthdays! Buddy’s Dad (also Emery) has a wonderful lasagna recipe that we like to make, which we will share with you at the end of this post.

homemade-lasagna (2)

Sometimes keeping it simple, sitting at the island instead of the dining table, sharing a good meal and conversation is all you need. Oh, maybe add some cut flowers? This is just what we did last night and it was fun.


Next time we need to wine shop prior to entertaining (lesson learned). We hear a Rioja or perhaps a Chianti are both nice pairings for meat lasagna…we’ll have to try each to be sure we agree!

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Below is the recipe we use, not sure where it originated from but it’s simple and GOOD.


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