Budgets…every project has one and it’s important to understand what is realistic for you. Then the decisions you make will be good ones (in theory)!

Overall budget = all the bits and pieces needed to make your project happen + all the unseen = usually doesn’t equal.  Compromise?  Potentially, here we come.

Let’s look at building a house.  Perhaps you have always wanted a timber frame home, but, it doesn’t fit into the budget.  Compromise here is EASY, easy for us at least, go with a hybrid. Combine timber framing and conventional framing, trust us, it’s still wonderful. If you can’t build the big house you want now, be sure the design is friendly to an addition later on. We recommend going with a CAPE.

Timber Truss Entry

Inside finishes. These choices can make you crazy! Flooring is a great example. Ok, so you want reclaimed white oak throughout. Done, if it’s in the budget.  Is it? If not, flooring is a very reasonable upgrade to focus on later.

Reclaimed Oak by Carlisle

The kitchen is also a great area to talk about.  Give us Subzero and WOLFE, a Blanco Cerana, custom cabinetry and granite counter tops. ChaChing. In the budget? Yes? No? If  not, here is a recommendation, if you plan on staying in this house for more than 10 years. Spend the money on the custom cabinetry, buy the highest quality your budget will allow. The appliances and counter tops can be upgraded later. Imagine trying to pull failing cabinets out from underneath the stone counters you spent thousands on (and want to keep) – yikes! Some things lend themselves better to a replacement later on, just think about that when making the tough decisions.


For us, we’ve added on to our little house twice and are very happy with the result.

Connolly-Morse House Timber beams in the great room, are decorative only, but lovely.  More beams soon to be added to the kitchen & mudroom ceiling. Counter top upgrade for our island has happened, the rest of the counters are coming soon. More granite or soapstone, maybe…

Cheers and thanks for reading!!

3 thoughts on “Budgets

    • Hi Adam, thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment! Advice, just do the research on what things cost and prioritize. Hiring a designer to help with much of this is a good idea….always. The money you spend on them will out way the time and money they save you :-)


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