Groundhog Day

Disclaimer: This post is not about woodworking or groundhogs.

February 2nd is Sandy’s dad’s birthday. Step, actually. Groundhog Day always brings a smile to our faces, doesn’t matter if there are 6 more weeks of winter or not. Leonard was a wonderful soul, and we are all so lucky to have had him in our family.

Leonard Holbrook Brown was born in 1918 to Martin & Clara Brown. He was the baby of the family, 3 boys and 2 girls. Growing up in what is now The White House Inn. They called it Beaver Brook and it is extravagant!

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Entertaining isn’t easy for us, we are the first to admit it. The house isn’t in the best of shape, we don’t even have a working dining room table at the moment (it’s the extremely messy desk). Cutting boards and more all over the place, laundry not folded and put away – you get the idea?

But, what we do have is a very pretty island (luckily) so, come on over for dinner and drinks!

Red Birch Island Cabinet

Red Birch Island Cabinet with Colonial Gold Granite

Anyone who knows Emery (Buddy) well, knows that in his family – September is the month for birthdays! Buddy’s Dad (also Emery) has a wonderful lasagna recipe that we like to make, which we will share with you at the end of this post.

homemade-lasagna (2)

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