Summertime Fun

Summertime fun for Creative Woodworking.

The last 2 summers have been mostly about 2 things:

  1. Building up Creative Woodworking.
  2. Which event are we going to this weekend?

Windsor Alumni 2016Not this summer…

We are still all about building our little side business, but with more of a focus on our gallery affiliates. The craft fairs and artisan shows are very important and we’ll continue with them, but more selectively. This is working out wonderfully, and is giving us time for other things. From needed maintenance around the house, projects like the walnut from pine (story to come) and just having fun.

1st stop? York, Maine.

Walking in the surf was awesome, truly.
Delaney Sandy and Natalee at Nubble LightWe always visit Nubble Light when in York, don’t you?Nubble LightThe BEACH!
York Beach Long Sands (2)
Walking in the park every chance we get and hanging by the pool…it’s all been good.

We even installed a timber beam in our kitchen! Three years in the waiting, some things just take time.Twins
Next on the list, more household improvements along with gearing up for the Fall & Holiday Craft Fairs. Looking forward to showing a few new pieces and getting the all important feedback.Dizzy Cutting Board with Rose
Thanks for stopping by!

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