Summertime Fun

Summertime fun for Creative Woodworking.

The last 2 summers have been mostly about 2 things:

  1. Building up Creative Woodworking.
  2. Which event are we going to this weekend?

Windsor Alumni 2016Not this summer…

We are still all about building our little side business, but with more of a focus on our gallery affiliates. The craft fairs and artisan shows are very important and we’ll continue with them, but more selectively. This is working out wonderfully, and is giving us time for other things. From needed maintenance around the house, projects like the walnut from pine (story to come) and just having fun.

1st stop? York, Maine.

Walking in the surf was awesome, truly.
Delaney Sandy and Natalee at Nubble LightWe always visit Nubble Light when in York, don’t you?Nubble Light Continue reading

A Walk In The Park

Paradise Park that is…

Our pretty little town has a beautiful park, great trails and along with Lake Runnemede, you really can’t go wrong. We are so fortunate, and if you are a local, you already know this!Paradise ParkWe are happy to share our experience with you on this beautiful day. Heading down Juniper Hill Road, the newly purchased and renovated Windsor Manson Inn entrance is looking great. They’ve cleared enough so you can easily see the Inn from the road and this change (in our opinion) makes an inviting impression. Do you agree? Wishing them the best and much success!Windsor Mansion InnDelaney, as we work our way down the “killer hill” part of Juniper Hill. Our mission today is to view lake side, grab a special pic, then on to Meadow Loop before heading up to the shelter.Delaney (2)
Entering at Lower Juniper – very pretty – hoping there is a bridge coming up soon.Paradise Park (1) Continue reading

Our Tree!

We looked at a bunch of trees today, this one was very cute, but not going to happen :)
1st stop…
If the rock is gone…Tornado!
 They had a least 2 fires going, it was very nice.
Tree # 1
 Tree # 2
 Tree # 3
 Tree # 4, omg…are we done yet?
It’s just not happening.  We finally agreed on this one and it was tagged, bummer.
Next stop, tree farm in Ascutney, VT
Our Tree!