Timber Ceiling Beam

Installing a Timber Ceiling Beam

We have been looking forward to adding this single timber beam to our home for more than 3 years! With the addition of our great room, which features decorative timber beams, the kitchen dining area really needed to join the club.

How hard could it be? Rule #1 – Don’t under estimate working with timbers. RESPECT.

This timber beam is going to be installed over the 2 1/2″ drop down support beam between the kitchen and dining room. First thing Buddy did was measure everything out, well, mostly everything. The width of the space, the height needed to cover the drop and the area for a 2ft return wall.

Beam is dry and straight and ready to be cut into. All seems good.

We even purchased a specialty Irwin Hand Saw just for this project.

Creating the notch was accomplished with a skill saw and a planer, then we attempt to protect the sheet rock and crown molding on the fridge cabinet. Back belt is recommended, sunburn, not so much. Ready?

Bud was more concerned about the crown molding, which was totally understandable – to him. Door trim was removed and close by pictures taken down. Sandy (that’s me) didn’t really know what to expect at this point.

Who is nervous about this? Anyone?

We found out right away that the clearance for lifting the beam (which was eastern white pine, pretty dry but still darn heavy) wasn’t enough. The sheet rock took quite a hit, “that’s just a scratch” according to Bud, but the crown molding survived.

Lagged into place with TimberLOK screws and then plugged. Plugs were cut out of the cut off part and shouldn’t be noticeable. Voila!

What did happen is the dead men we needed to use (no pics thankfully) created dents in the beam.

What now? Not to worry – STEAM them out!

Taped off and ready for the stain. Staining before the install could have been done, but we are glad we waited. Golden Oak by Minwax was chosen to match the great room beams as well as other pieces. We are very pleased with how this is looking.timber-ceiling-beam-stainedSheet rock repairs and touch up needed, ceiling paint, hang a few baskets…can’t wait to see the finish. (Pics will be added).

The mudroom is next!

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